Double u: A Bottle in the sea, by Double u

I released this album in 2006 on Karat Records (Chloe, Krikor, Ark…) It was ten years ago what I call my Parisian years. It’s time for me to share it  for free. It’s also a way for me to keep connected with my past and and realize how my music is still changing years after years. I recorded so many albums under Double u/ Franklin moniker but I feel like what commonsense call “A small artist”. I’d love to thank people who still support me. In 2017 I’m still doing my own stuff and  I’ll release my new album “Apart” on my tiny label Wool Recordings. In ten years so many things changed in my own life but also in this fucking music industry… Thanks for listening and sharing if you like. here are few reviews.

XLR8R: “Last year, Franck "Double U” Rabeyrolles quietly delivered one of the least-noticed, most stirring electronic debuts with his intensely lonely Life Through A Window. Rabeyrolles‘ sophomore effort continues his exploration of the fragile space between folk, ambient melody, and poetry with a noticeably less electronic edge than his previous work. Rabeyrolles keeps his music from sounding precious by drawing upon both the whimsical and the deeply personal, resulting in pieces like “Such A Cry,” which strongly channels Ms. John Soda and Prefuse 73 after 10 Valiums and folk singing lessons.“
Deux beaux exemples de ce courant folktronica actif en France. Remarqué en 2004 avec un disque outsider, le Montpelliérain Double U (Franck Rabeyrolles) confirme avec ce journal intime dépouillé, guitare, voix, sampler : (hard) to Keep a Friend, Not a Loser, Our Relation, Give Me Your Heart… L’influence Boards of Canada disparaît (reste l’intro de Bike) au profit de mélodies somnambuliques évoquant Smog, Syd Barrett, Tim Buckley et tant d’autres folkleux au moral dans les chaussettes. Sommet de ce disque, Videos, lisible comme une version apathique du Perfect Day de Lou Reed.

Double u: A Bottle in the sea, by Double u

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